The Factory Sewing Book by Roshan Silva – Simple, yet unique clothes

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This book features 23 pieces, including popular staple items and new designs, from ‘THE FACTORY’, an original clothing brand by Roshan Silva, the owner of ‘la vie a la canpagne’, a store offering original clothes, bread, and general goods.

The collection includes blouses, dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, and coats. The designs are simple yet not outrageous, with distinctive lines and thoughtful details. The book is packed with clothes that make you want to make and wear them yourself.

All the works are free-size (with a simple guide to size adjustment). Included are life-size patterns with seam allowances (with the finished lines also marked).


Release Date:
March, 2020

Author profile

Roshan Silva

Born in Italy, she studied architecture in high school and majored in business administration at university. After starting at the bottom in the textile industry, she went on to manage a textile manufacturer in Como, Italy. About ten years ago, she moved to Japan, a country with which she had a connection as a wholesaler. On a trip to Kamakura, she encountered an old traditional house and began a lifestyle shop with a cafe as a side business.

Since then, she has opened sister shops all over Japan. Now, as an owner-chef, she demonstrates her diverse talents, ranging from baking bread and making jam, to designing clothes for the apparel brand ‘THE FACTORY’, planning for the goods brand ‘Ambiente’, and designing shop layouts. She continues to excel in all of these areas.

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