Ten to sen Grid Patterns – For embroidery & knitting

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This book is a collection of “square-based continuous patterns” by Rieko Oka, a textile designer who is popular for her beautiful designs.

The pattern composed of squares can be used for various crafts depending on the idea, such as cross-stitching and knitting.

In this book, two types of completed samples by cross-stitch and knitting needles are posted for each pattern. The data of each material used is also recorded.

In addition, It will introduce ideas for making small items using the finished embroidery fabric / knitted fabric. This is a book where you can fully enjoy the cross-stitch designs and the crochet patterns that are different from the traditional cross-stitch patterns.

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July, 2021

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Rieko Oka (Ten To Sen Moyou Seisaku jyo)

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, 1981.TOKAI UNIVERSITY Graduate School (2001-2004).
School of Design Course of Integrated Design Studies In the school She replicated wallpapers of William Morris by woodcut printing to learn construction of the patterns and how to create them. Using that way she created my her wallpaper called “Kitaguni No Kabegamimoyou (Pattern on wallpaper from Northern country)” Afterwards she started to create fabric because she think it is closer to our or daily life.

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