Sweets Clothes for Adults by Aoi Koda

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The “sweet clothes” made by Aoi Koda, who is popular for her simple and sophisticated clothes, are based on basic designs made of high-quality linen and cotton.

The elegant sweetness of the generous gathers and natural-looking lace make it look great on adult women.

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April, 2020

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Aoi Koda

She was born and currently resides in Kyoto. She is a sewing designer who, after working in design and pattern-making at an apparel company, went freelance.

She runs a sewing class called “LaLa Sewing ete”, where she creates clothing, bags, and lifestyle goods mainly from linen materials. She imparts easy and enjoyable sewing techniques using efficient sewing technology from the apparel industry and her unique ideas.

In the spring of 2023, she newly opened “LaLa Sewing ete”, which incorporates a sewing class, fabric shop, and event space in a quiet residential area close to Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto.

She is also successfully running online lessons and a shop. She has written numerous books.

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Aoi Koda


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