Suica Penguin Embroidery (orange page mook)

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An embroidery book filled with the charm of the popular Suica penguin character. The book features 58 embroidery designs, including unique and cute expressions, designs for enjoying the seasons, and designs combined with the alphabet.

■PART1 Penguin message
・Good luck!

■PART2 Seasonal Penguins
・Picnic day
・Napping in the field
・A rainy holiday
・Rainy holiday
・Swimming in the sea!
・I love shaved ice!
・Let’s go on a trip.
・Good night, moon!
・Autumn is the season for reading.
・Autumn of harvest
・I’m worried about my weight.
・Snow and ice
・Winter Fishing
・Shooting Star Christmas
・Thank you for your support this year!
・A fortune
・Valentine’s Day

■PART3 Alphabet & Penguin
・A. Apple / B. Balloon
・C Clover / D Drum
・E Elephant / F Fish
・G Goldfish/H Heart
・I Ice Skating/J Juggling
・K Knit/L Ladybird
・M Scarf/N Notebook
・O Orange/P Present
・Q Queen/R Rainbow
・S Ski/T Triangle
・U Umbrella/V Vacation
・W Watermelon/X Mr. X
・Y Yoga/Z ZZZZ…

■I tried sticking them in various places.
・On a lunch box cloth
・Mini tote
・On book covers
・On cut and sewn clothing
・Threads and fabrics for embroidery
・How to embroider penguins
・How to stitch
・Designs and stitches

Release Date:
October, 2016

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