Small Mending of Clothes

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This book introduces methods for “repairing” items to cherish and use them for a longer time. It revives spots that have mysteriously appeared, moth-eaten areas, or places accidentally torn, using techniques like darning, embroidery, and appliqué.

It also provides clear explanations about the basics of darning and embroidery.

In an era where fast fashion is popular and everything is easily purchasable, there are still favorite items that we’ve worn for a long time, associated with memories and comfort, not easily replaceable.
The items introduced include sweaters, cardigans, and other tops, denim, skirts, socks, gloves, scarves, bags, and more.
All of these are not major overhauls but are enjoyable as simple, one-point remakes.

– Tops (sweaters, cardigans, jackets)
– Bottoms (pants, skirts, denim)
– Dresses
– Outerwear
– Pair items (parent-child denim, shirts, etc.)
– Children’s clothing (cardigans, pants, etc.)
– Wraps
– Socks
– Gloves
– Bags
– Miscellaneous goods (cushion covers, placemats, etc.)

– Repair tools
– Repair materials

– Basics of darning
– Basics of embroidery

Release Date:
September, 2020

Author profile

Tomomi Mimura

Born in Okinawa Prefecture. Since 2017, she has been fascinated by the beauty of Darning and started her activities. She is active in events and workshops.

Tomomi Mimura’s books

Asako Iwase

Graduated from Sugino Fashion College. She works broadly in fields such as dressmaking, embroidery, and accessories, with a gentle color palette and worldview. She launched the simple-design accessory brand “Bonnechance” and the brand “f-lu,” which uses real flowers, both gaining popularity domestically and internationally.

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Naoko Koibuchi

Member of the Japan Art Craft Association (JACA), where she obtained her instructor qualification. She focuses on creating embroidery that integrates into everyday life, not the flamboyantly decorated kind, but rather embroidery that can be lived with over the years. She produces and presents motifs that are easy to apply to clothing and fashion accessories.

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Asako Iwase, Naoko Koibuchi, Tomomi Mimura


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