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This book expands upon the popular series “Shizukudo’s Knitted Item Calendar” featured in the NHK Text “Suteki ni Handmade.”

It introduces knitted items that are easy to make and bring joy to everyday life, ranging from wearable items like hats, socks, mittens, scarves, stoles, and bags to home accents like pot covers, coasters, and ornaments.

The book provides detailed explanations, including some photo processes, for projects that utilize various techniques such as crochet, pattern knitting, lace knitting, and Nordic-style knitting.

It also features items that you would want to knit for your pets, like cat-ear mats and cat houses.

Release Date:
September, 2023

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Hand knit designer, living in Toyama City.

She started her career in 2009. She presents her works in knitting magazines and books, provides designs for kit products for yarn manufacturers, and holds workshops in various locations. In particular, the workshop focuses on detailed recipes that utilize her experience creating instruction manuals for a housing equipment manufacturer.

Her works are based on the concept of “things that are useful for everyday use,” and she strives to create her own unique style inspired by modern Scandinavian design.

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