Retro Crochet by Keiko Okamoto

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This book offers a collection of 22 crochet projects, including accessories and wearables, that evoke a vintage feel yet are refreshingly modern.

Suitable for crocheters of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and enjoyable for three generations, from teens to grandmothers. Each project comes with color process explanations.

[Table of Contents]
A: Pouch p.4
B: Striped Scarf p.5
C: Motif Vest p.6
D: Balaclava p.8
E: Striped Bag p.9
F: Mini Bag p.10
G: Striped Cap p.11
H: Mittens p.12
I: Hand Warmers p.13
J: Shawl p.14
K: Skirt p.16
L: Socks p.17
M: Motif Hat p.18
N: Motif Bag p.19
O: Striped Vest p.20
P: Shorts / Q: High Socks p.21
R: Scarf p.22
S: Cap p.23
T: 2-Way Poncho p.24
U: Striped Bag p.26
V: Motif Scarf p.27

-Technique Guide
Flat Knitting, Circular Knitting p.28
Connecting Motifs p.29
Knitting Tips p.30

-How to Make
Before You Start Knitting p.34
Basics of Crochet p.35
How to Make the Projects p.40

Release Date:
October, 2022

Author profile

Keiko Okamoto

A knit designer based in Kobe and the representative of Atelier K’sK. With the concept of “fusion of fashion and handicraft,” she develops trend-conscious works. She provides numerous works and designs to knit manufacturers and publishers, while also actively working as a designer.

She runs knitting courses in major cities across the country, focusing on training the next generation. In 2012, she opened the antenna shop “K’sK” at Hankyu Umeda Main Store.

Since 2020, she has been working as a “Maison” responsible for knitting production for Ryota Murakami’s brand “pillings.” She also co-founded the knitting school “AMIt” with Ryota Murakami, focusing on creating spaces for communication through knitting.

She is a director of the public interest incorporated association, Japan Handicraft Promotion Association.

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Keiko Okamoto


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