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A coat book for daily use by TOWN, which has a good reputation for its pattern that is both comfortable to wear and easy to make.

Introducing 5 types of coat 1 type of universal liner that shines because of its beautiful silhouette. Proposed with winter material and spring / autumn material.

The pattern size is 1 for No. 7 and 9 and 2 sizes for No. 11 and 13 (some one size).


[Type of coat]
Tailored color coat, no color coat, trench coat, mod coat, poncho, liner

Release Date:
November, 2021

Author profile

Mami Watanabe

designer. She graduated from Tokyo Mode Gakuen. Born in 1975. She works as a knit designer at a major apparel manufacturer. After that, she moved to Hayama-cho, Kanagawa Prefecture in 2007 after working as a teacher at a fashion vocational school. In 2008, she established the brand “short finger”. In 2021, she will move her atelier to Nagano Prefecture, where she will hold nationwide order receptions, collaborate with stores, and hold sewing classes.

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Ryoichi Kichiya

Patterner. He graduated from Bunka Fashion College, majoring in technology. Born in 1976. He has been working as a ladies’ pattern maker at a major apparel manufacturer for about 18 years. Independent in 2015. Currently, in addition to working on a wide range of patterns from major apparel manufacturers in Tokyo to brands around Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where he lives, he also works as an artist to sell original parent-child clothes irregularly under the name of “KICHIYA PATTERN”.

In 2016, together with Mami Watanabe, her best friend since her time as an apparel maker, she started the label “TOWN” for pre-cut patterns with seam allowances.

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Weight 501 g

Mami Watanabe, Ryoichi Kichiya


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