KIMONO RE-MAKE by Mika Shimizu

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For those who want to remake kimono into something new, kimono fabrics can be transformed into everyday or fashionable clothes that can be worn every day.

Pure silk komon and tsumugi can be made into fashionable clothes.
Washable cotton, linen, and yukata can be used for fashionable and daily summer wear.
This book also introduces lunch box wrappers, masks, eco-bags, and other items that can be made with a few measures.

By taking advantage of the long and narrow shape of the fabric, you can easily create beautiful designs by direct sewing without using a pattern.
Gilets and long blouses with beautiful straight silhouettes.
There are also a wide variety of items such as dresses, blouses, jackets, elastic gathered skirts and pants with ribbon waist cinches.
There are also jinbei and kappogi that make use of the original shape, so you can start with affordable items such as yukata.

Release Date:
October, 2020

Author profile

Mika Shimizu

After graduating from Bunka Fashion College majoring in fashion design majoring in design, joined Comme des Garçons Co., Ltd. as a pattern maker.
After working for other apparel companies, she became independent in 10 years. Under the trade name Hareruya, she works mainly as a freelance pattern maker, while also creating original works and custom-made products.
In her original works, she uses natural vegetable dyes and Japanese fabrics to create handmade products that are gentle on the mind and body.

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