FU-KO Basics. Pleasant adult clothes (Heart Warming Life Series) Mayumi Minowa

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FU-KO basics. The latest issue of Mayumi Minowa. “Feeling” clothes that are casual but have an atmosphere, and are fashionable when you put them through your sleeves.

It is a book that is soft and airy, so that you can spend the hot season comfortably, as well as tops that can be worn in the fall and winter by arranging the sleeves, and bottoms that you can wear cool and warm by changing the fabric, so you can fully enjoy the fun unique to handmade clothes.

The work is a nice size development of S ~ 3L (some LL). Four children’s sizes (90 to 130) are also posted.

*This book has full-length patterns.

Release Date:
June, 2021

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Mayumi Minowa (FU-KO)

She started making clothes after her eldest daughter was born. “FU-KO basics.” It sells online and at events. The concept is “clothes that will be remembered”. Children’s clothes with simple designs that do not disturb the cuteness of children are popular. There are many blogs about blogging about the days of a 90-year-old townhouse.

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