Embroidery with Sashiko Thread – Prick at Will by Nami Horikawa

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This is a collection of free and spontaneous Sashiko patterns proposed by popular illustrator, Nami Horikawa.

Embroider on handkerchiefs, hand-held clothes, cushions, pochettes, eyeglass cases, and more. Includes full-size designs.

[Table of Contents]
Embroidery with Sashiko Threads How to make Sashiko
Basic materials and tools
Other tools
How to copy patterns
The basics of Namiami Stitch

PART 1 Namiami Stitch
PART 2 Dot, Donut, Chain, and French Nuts stitches
PART 3 Crazy stitch
PART 4 Tastus & Pekke Pekke & Tatte Tatte Stitch
PART 5 One-stroke stitches
PART 6 Freehand Stitches

Release Date:
May, 2022

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Nami Horikawa

Born in 1981. Due to the influence of her mother, she has been familiar with Born in Osaka in 1971. Illustrator and handicraft artist. She graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graphic Design Course. She became free after planning and developing a toy maker. She proposes a lifestyle that casually incorporates Japanese customs, and is also a collector of local toys.

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Nami Horikawa


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