Embroidery of small wild flowers by Alice Makabe

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Alice Makabe, a popular embroidery artist, has embroidered one stitch at a time with the motif of a lovely yet strong wild flower.

Since this book uses basic stitches, even beginners of embroidery can easily try it.

Feel free to arrange one wheel as one point and stab it, or arrange several to make a continuous pattern.

You can enjoy the beautifully colored works just by looking at them. With stitch commentary in the photo.

Release Date:
July, 2019

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Alice Makabe

Embroidery artist. She is active in offering work to handicraft magazine, holding of private exhibition, workshop, participation in plan exhibition. If She can form small impressions and pleasures that She feels in the flow of the season … She move the needle every day. I am in charge of correspondence course “Makabe Alis’s flower embroidery lesson” by JAPAN Vogue.

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Alice Makabe


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