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A book that allows you to make adult clothes for various items such as tops, dresses, skirts, and coats. You can choose the collar, sleeves, width, and hem, so you can make 254 different clothes!

The pattern is unique to the pattern designer, and the shape is very beautiful. Available in 4 sizes from S to LL. Comes with real large paper.

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September, 2021

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Kyoko Sakauchi

Sewing designer and fashion designer. Apparel brand “Lintemporel” designer.

After working in the apparel maker planning office, became independent. From clothes to accessories, the works proposed from the perspective of people who enjoy handmade products are popular with a wide range of generations.

She is a lecturer at a workshop and a culture school at the popular fabric shop “CHECK & STRIPE”.

It is very popular because you can learn efficient and rational sewing techniques that make use of your experience in apparel.

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Kyoko Sakauchi


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