Darning Brooch by Hikaru Noguchi – Made with mending techniques

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The book introduces the art of making Darning Brooches to preserve your favorite clothes and fabrics, presented with photos by Hikaru Noguchi, a key figure in popularizing darning.

From beginners to intermediates in handicrafts, the book allows you to learn the joy of creating at your own level while simultaneously acquiring mending techniques. One of the attractions of the Darning Brooch is that it allows you to keep your favorite clothes and small items that you can’t bear to throw away, in the form of a brooch. It explains methods that can be crafted using fabric and thread you already have at home.

– Tools used in darning and brooch making
– Recommended types of thread and needles for Darning Brooches
– Fabrics used in Darning Brooch making

Part1: Basics of Darning
– The basics of starting and finishing stitches
– How to use a darning mushroom
– How to use an embroidery hoop
– Cutting clothes to make fabric
– Various darning techniques and stitches like Running Stitch Darning, Gomashio Stitch, and more

Part2: Making the Brooch
– Soft Brooch making
– Mille-feuille Brooch making
– How to attach fringes
– How to make tassels
– How to attach brooch pins
– Different types of pins
– Finishing techniques for different kinds of brooches

Part3: Various Enjoyments of Brooches

Release Date:
October, 2023

Author profile

Hikaru Noguchi

Hikaru Noguchi moved to England from Japan in 1989 to study constructed textiles, specialising in knit, having previously taken a degree in graphic design at Musashino Art University in her native Tokyo. Finding a measure of artistic freedom and stimulation in England which she had not found in Japan, she stayed on after completing her studies at Middlesex University to take up knitted textile design work, developing new and innovative textiles for furnishings, scarves, bags and garments.

This direction has led to her collaboration with a number of British designers including Tom Dixon, Top Shop and projects for Barneys, Browns, Paul Smith women, Takashimaya New York and many other stores.

Her work has developed to mix texture, colour and hand knit qualities. With influences from traditional knit patterns and techniques, such as fair- isle, Aran, embroidery and stripe. Sources of inspiration are diverse, from flea markets all over the world to paintings of De Chirico. She seeks a look that is both sophisticated and quirky, achieved through unusual juxtapositions of colour and texture. Throughout, her fundamental theme is one of joie de vivre.

Hikaru has participated in many shows and exhibitions all over the world, and her work is sold in boutiques and department stores in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, and elsewhere.

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