Crochet Animals – A small crochet animal pictorial book

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World animal brooches and accessories knitted three-dimensionally with embroidery thread.

Introducing brooches and accessories of various animals living in the world for each of eight geographic divisions.
It is a must-see for the knitting method suitable for 3D, which expresses the characteristics of animals in detail.
Carefully knit the small ears, fingers, and mouth to bring the animals in the palm of your hand to life.
The book also lists plants in the same geographic division, with a total of 41 patterns.


Release Date:
June, 2021

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Yuki Sosaka

Born in 1981. Due to the influence of her mother, she has been familiar with handicraft since she was little. In 2008 she started working on Traralala. As an accessory writer. She has been completely absorbed in her since she first encountered lace knitting in 2010. She publishes books and other works, mainly in solo exhibitions and events. She likes cats.

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Yuki Sosaka


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