Colorful Knitted Accessories by Tomoko Noguchi

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This book offers cute knitted items such as mittens, socks, arm warmers, hats, etc. to be a key point of coordination in the darker winter months through color matching, design, and interesting combinations of nuanced yarns.
The colors and designs are fun to knit and use.

These knitted accessories are simple to knit and maximally cute when used.
Also introduces easy-to-make items with not much yarn and swatches.

[Table of Contents]
Fun with yarn Arm warmers, matching neck and leg warmers, fuzzy mittens, ribbon yarn pants, shoulder bags, tote bags / with front and back knitting Drawstring bags, hats, hair bands, leg warmers, socks, scarves, triangle stoles, vests / fun with yarn designs Pants, mittens, arm warmers, hair bands, berets, socks, polka dot socks / using leftover yarn Card cases, clasps, bears, brooches / tools and yarn list, fingers for mittens, heels for socks, embroidery, how to make bears, how to pick up collar, how to pass knitted warp yarn, process description, basic knitting / How to make a work of art

Release Date:
October, 2021

Author profile

Tomoko Noguchi

Knit designer. Born in 1980 in Kanagawa Prefecture.
She graduated from Bunka Fashion College knit design department. While she was in school, he was selected as Master Lineapiu sponsored by Lineapiu (Italian spinning maker), and in 2002 she went to Florence on a scholarship to study abroad.
After returning to Japan in 2005, she worked as a knit designer and buyer, and in 2006, started her hand knit brand “eccomin”. In addition to presenting her collection, she has contributed many works to magazines and books.
In 2015, she opened “chocoshoe,” a handicrafts and crafts shop in Shibuya.

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