Classic hat and fashionable bag with eco andaria

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A book that introduces how to knit stylish bags such as clutch bags, shoulder bags, and pouch bags using Eco Andalya.

How to attach zippers and pouches is explained in detail with process photos.

In addition, there are unique designs such as granny style, tote bags, and marche bags that have never been seen before. As for hats, This book is introducing excellent works focusing on classic designs, such as popular fedora hats and wide-brimmed hats.

[Table of contents]
1 cylinder type bag
2 herringbone pattern shoulder bag
3 Lace Ornament Clutch Bag
Four broken hats
5 Marche bag of ground pattern
6 Lattice handle bag
7 8 9 2way bag
10 12 Bonbon bag
11 Watermark-like Cloche
13 green spicy bag
14 Paporn corn knitting bag
15 16 fringe bag
17 Closing of Front Knit
18 round handle bag
19 Watermark-like tack bag
20 clutch bag of ribbon
21 22 23 Simple brim wide hat
24 25 26 Shoulder bag
27 Closing of top knitting
28 Marche bag of ground pattern
29 30 Basket pattern tote bag
31 Pine braided Marche bag
32 33 Matching clothes of parent and child

Lesson Let’s knit a piece
2 How to knit a herringbone pattern shoulder bag
3 How to knit clutch bag of lace decorations
13 14 How to attach the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece bag
Before beginning knitting
Foundation of crochet

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February, 2017

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