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The popular fabric shop “CHECK&STRIPE” presents its sewing book. Introducing a total of 35 fashionable items you’d want to wear now, such as a French sleeve dress, a droopy-back pullover, and tapered pants.

It also showcases the highly popular staff’s mix-and-match outfits on the blog. Patterns for matching parent and child outfits are also introduced, making it a recommendation for those wanting to make children’s clothing.

[Table of Contents]
no1 French Sleeve Dress
no2 Droopy-Back Pullover
no3 Balloon Blouse
no4 Simple Easy Pants
no5 Tucked A-line Dress for Adults
no6 Tucked A-line Dress for Kids
no7 Summer Garden Blouse
no8 Tapered Pants for Adults
no9 Tapered Pants for Kids
no10 Kids’ Open-Collar Shirt Dress
no11 Kids’ Frill Collar Blouse
no12 Ribbon Culottes
no13 Long Sleeve Simple T-shirt for Kids
no14 Long Sleeve Simple T-shirt for Adults
no15 Pullover Dress
no16 Shirt Dress
no17 Lined Short Sleeve Dress
no18 Tiered Blouse
no19 Kids’ Round Collar A-line Dress
no20 François the Bear
no21 Shoulder Tote Bag
no22 Numbered Drawstring Bags – Large, Medium, Small
no23 Sunday Marché Bag
no24 Quilted Pouch
no25 Floral Pattern Drawstring Bag – Small
no26 Floral Pattern Drawstring Bag – Large
no27 Mouse Key Holder
no28 Sub Bag
no29 Mini Sub Bag / Easy Arrangement Ideas / Staff’s Mix-and-Match Outfits / Workshop in Paris / Fabrics used in this book / How to Make – Instructions

*This book has a full-length pattern.

Release Date:
June, 2016

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A popular online shop that started in 1999. Made in Japan from fabrics such as linen, cotton, Liberty print, and other colors that are soft to the touch and soft to the touch. The simple fabrics that are close to your daily life are gaining support from many people. It has physical stores in Kobe, Ashiya, Jiyugaoka, Kichijoji, and Kamakura.


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