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This book introduces the world of cute and cool letterpress printing, the typographic works.
Comes with a retro and cute letterpress printing machine “Tekin”.
You can pick up the type one by one, spin the words, and print them on paper with a hand press. You can make warm handmade business cards and small paper items.

[Features of a Supplement]
▼ “Tekin” type desktop letterpress printing machine
Knead the ink. Put ink on the type. Press. Three operations are performed by raising and lowering the handle. By changing the type arrangement, ink application method, and paper type, you can create prints with completely different expressions.

▼ 162 prints
You can use 162 types of hiragana (Hidehide Mincho) and numbers / alphabets (Century). There is a pin on the bottom of the type, and you can insert it into the type stand to make a plate. The type stand is the size of a business card and can hold up to 135 types. Also supports vertical and horizontal assembly.

▼ Cotton paper for letterpress printing
Soft and fluffy paper with a natural and soft texture is included in this magazine. You can cut it into any shape you like, such as business cards, bookmarks, coasters, etc.

▼ Black ink is also included
It contains black ink for trial, so you can start printing immediately. When you run out of ink, you can use commercially available watercolors instead, so you can rest assured. You can print in your favorite color.

▼ Body assembly time 30 minutes
Since there is an easy-to-understand page on how to make it, you can assemble the main body in about 30 minutes while learning how the printing machine works. A special screwdriver used for assembly is also included.

There are also many ways to play that will greatly expand the fun of the bath.
Mizutama’s eraser stamp, how to use the “correct” type of the Dainippon Typo Association, how to attach it to the bath from the request of Shineisha’s resin plate, etc.

Posted a newly written work that can only be read in this magazine of the popular novel “Letterpress Printing Crescent Hall”. This is the story of Yumiko, the main character, when she was in elementary school. Don’t miss the secret story of the crescent temple creation told by the author, Sanae Hoshio, and the visit to the letterpress printing shop in Ojika Island, Nagasaki.

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December, 2017

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Science for adults magazine

This is the series name of the scientific magazine and experimental kit series released by Gakken (Gakken Education Publishing since 2009, Gakken Plus after October 2015) since 2003. It is a quarterly mook that was launched for adults in science and learning, and the science kit that you assemble yourself is “Furoku”.

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