DESIGN BUSSAN NIPPON – 235 Japanese product design

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This book is a collection of 5 products with excellent designs representing 47 prefectures all over Japan, 5 in each prefecture, and a total of 235 items.

From traditional crafts to super-modern designs, every land has its own unique products.
By feeling the current state of Japanese “manufacturing” through these “products,” it will be an opportunity to recapture Japan’s individuality, design, and regional manufacturing, and rediscover Japan.

As a privilege of the book version, “Travel + DESIGN” is posted at the end of the book, and “Design Travel Guide” by 47 prefectures is posted.

A travel guide for the Nagaoka Kenmei Selection, where you can fully enjoy sightseeing, food, and inn design in 2 days and 1 night, is included.
* All in Japanese

Release Date:
September, 2008

Author profile

Kenmei Nagaoka

Design activist, born in Muroran, Hokkaido in 1965

Joined Nippon Design Center in 1990. He participated in the establishment of the Hara Design Institute.
In 2000, he started a store “D & DEPARTMENT” in Setagaya, Tokyo with the theme of long life design.

Since 2002, he has invented “60 VISION” and is in the process of rebranding discontinued products from the 1960s.

Received the 2003 Good Design Award Kazuo Kawasaki Special Jury Chairman’s Award. He is developing “NIPPON PROJECT” in 47 prefectures, which is based on the image of a store infrastructure where Japanese designs can be purchased correctly.

Since 2009, he has published a travel culture magazine “d design travel”. He is the director of Japan’s first design museum “d47 museum” with the theme of 47 prefectures.

Received the Mainichi Design Award in 2013. He is a visiting professor at Musashino Art University. Professor at Kyoto University of the Arts.

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