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Target age From baby to you!
The first picture book by gag manga artist Takutaro Fujioka.
A mysterious rhythm that makes you laugh no matter how many times you read it.

[Author comment]
It wasn’t an exaggeration, but I wanted to make a picture book that laughs at babies, aunts, and ronin. Like Shinta Cho’s picture book, which made me laugh when I became an adult and kept away from the picture book, I hope this picture book will make various people laugh. I want to give you the belly of Tapu no Sato.

In addition to the trial reading on the special page of “Tapu no Sato”, the essay “Tapu no Sato” by Takutaro Fujioka is now available!


Release Date:
July, 2019

Author profile

Takutaro Fujioka

Born May 31, 1989 in Osaka.

In 2014, he started announcing gag manga on Twitter and Instagram, and in 2017 published “Takutaro Fujioka’s Works: Summer Doesn’t Stop” (Nana Roku), which summarizes one-page manga. “Tapu no Sato” will be the first picture book work. I like laughter, movies, radio and sumo wrestling.

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Takutaro Fujioka


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