Picture book original picture “meow!” – The world of picture books where cats walk

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A book introducing about 200 original drawings, sketches, and production materials about cats drawn by 15 popular Artists in Japan.

[Characteristics of this document]
・ The picture book writer introduction page is open in one side. You can experience the fun of turning over, which is different from picture books.
-A separate mini picture book “Nekokashira” drawn by the modeling artist Kenjiro Okazaki is attached.
-A special sticker made by the cats gathered in this book is also included.
・ Introduction is Motoko Nakagawa (former picture book society president / professor emeritus at Bunkyo University). The essay is Pakukyonmi (poet).
These are gem words that can only be read here.
-The texts other than the above contributions and the structure of this book are written by novelist Shin Fukunaga. Writing whole body with more arms!
It is full of things to read at every corner of the page.


  • Yasumi Kato
  • KikuchiChiki
  • 100%ORANGE
  • Ayako Ishiguro
  • Naoko Machida
  • Mamiko Kataoka
  • Chiho Makino
  • Akibingo
  • Yoshio Kimura
  • Yuki Sasameya
  • Yasuo Segawa
  • Kayako Nishimaki
  • Noboru Baba
  • Hans Fischer
  • Aya Daido


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July, 2019

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