Metamorphosis : The Caterpillar That Changes Form – Suzuko Momoyama

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Insect painter Suzuko Momoyama has observed the “transformation” of familiar butterflies and carefully depicted their changing appearances according to their stages of growth.

The butterflies featured in this book are the white-fronted butterfly, the white-throated swallowtail butterfly, and the white-fronted tit. All of these butterflies are common in gardens and parks, but it is surprisingly difficult to observe their entire development. By observing the dramatic changes from egg to butterfly through the eyes of an artist, we are reminded of the beauty of living things and the wonder of life.

The delicate and beautiful drawings, reminiscent of Japanese-style paintings, make this an impressive picture book.

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April, 2022

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Suzuko Momoyama

Caterpillar painter. Born in Tokyo. Spent her childhood in the suburbs of New York City. Has been raising insects since her elementary school days. Her starting point for painting was learning to make observation sketches using a microscope in biology class. Aspires to create expressions that freely fly across the boundaries between natural science and art.

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Suzuko Momoyama


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