Kyou no Gohan (Today’s Meal) by Yasumi Kato

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A picture book of food that is more real than photos, drawn by Yasumi Kato.

In the evening, the cats will parade through the town and patrol for dinner as the houses in the neighborhood smell delicious! Well, what’s for dinner tonight at this house? Grilled saury, curry rice, handmade croquettes for omelet rice, and celebratory sushi–a glimpse of the variety of dining tables and families in each home, and a book that gives you a sense of the richness and happiness of daily life.

Release Date:
September, 2012

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Yasumi Kato

Born in 1976. Born in Hokkaido, lives in Tokyo. She specializes in nostalgic scenes, humorous portraits, and realistic depictions of food, with her unique drawing style and powerful touch using crayons and crepas. While working on illustrations for books and magazines, she is also energetically holding solo exhibitions.

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Yasumi Kato


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