Great Illustrated Kowloon City

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Kowloon City in Hong Kong, known as the “Eastern Cave”. This is the first large-scale picture book that reproduces an ultra-high-density space in a large cross-sectional panorama and reveals the whole picture based on the materials of the architect group who investigated before the dismantling.

Built on the site of a fortress, Kowloon Castle is a group of reinforced concrete high-rise buildings that have grown with extraordinary precision over the past 40 years. Although it was dismantled during the schedule for its return from the UK to China, it is said that at its peak, 50,000 people lived in the building, which proliferated like a maze.

This is a book that restores the dense world of Kowloon Castle, which has now been dismantled and has already disappeared, with ultra-detailed cross-sectional diagrams and photographs.

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July, 1997

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