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A breathtakingly beautiful picture book by  Komako Sakai and Hiroshi Homura (poet) depicts the moments when time stops.

When a butterfly flies, when a cuckoo clock strikes twelve, when a cat starts to move, when a sugar cube dissolves in tea, and when a girl calls out to her.


Release Date:
November, 2014

Author profile

Komako Sakai

Born in 1966, a picture book artist.

Received the Bratislava World Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition Gold Award for “Friday’s Sugar-chan” (Kaiseisha), and the Pichu Award (France) and Silver Stone Brush Award (Netherlands) for “My Mother” (Bunkeido). “Yuki ga His Yandara” (Gakken Plus) was also selected as one of the “10 Best Children’s Picture Books of 2009” by the New York Times.

Komako Sakai’s Books

Hiroshi Homura

Born in Hokkaido in 1962. poet. She made her debut in 1990 with his poetry book “Syndicate”.
With his sharpened sense of language, he is active in both his creation and criticism.
He also translates many picture books.
He won the 19th Sei Ito Literature Award in the Criticism Division and the 44th Tanka Research Award for “Fun Day” for his “Friends of Tanka”.

Hiroshi Homura’s books

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Hiroshi Homura, Komako Sakai


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