Washitu gurashi no Chikuwa – Chikuwaroom by Seiya Ohta

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A photo book by creator Seiya Ohta that depicts the irreplaceable days of “one person and one cat” living in a Japanese-style room with their beloved cat.

In addition to many unpublished photos, it also includes illustrations drawn by the author. Creating a carefully selected interior space is also a must-see.

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December, 2022

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Seiya Ohta

He is from Saitama Prefecture and was born on July 25, 1996.

He became a shop staff member at Harajuku’s second-hand clothes shop, Sanbun no ichi, and was active in street photography and modeling. He is a fashion icon who has gained tremendous popularity mainly on SNS.

He started collecting old GAP from the 1980s and 1990s, and was featured in GAP’s in-store movie.He has also been approached by companies such as PRADA, MARC JACOBS, and Calvin Klein, and is also active as a model. He is sometimes a hair and make-up artist, sometimes a model, DJ, and designer, and has expanded the range of his activities.

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Seiya Ohta


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