Tokyo Nostalgic Scenes : Searching for Lost Scenery of the Showa Era

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Elevated alleyways, modernist architecture, strip theaters, drugstores, cabarets, and warehouses. The lights and shadows of the postwar period and the period of rapid economic growth that still remain in Tokyo. This is a book that conveys the nostalgic Tokyo.

Table of Contents
New Shinbashi Building / Nakagin Capsule Tower Building / Sony Building / Miharabashi Yokocho / Former Dentsu Head Office Building / Harumi Warehouses
Harumi Warehouses / Imagawa Koji / Kanda Koji / Marusan Yokocho / Nishi-Ginza JR Center International Arcade / Tsukiji Market
Tsukiji Market / Otsuka Sangyoji / Bikuni Alley and Yami Market Bar Alley / Subaru Building, Shinjuku no Me /
TS Music Strip Theater / Shibuya Station / Asakusa Underground Mall / Hana-Yashiki / Tatsumi Shinmichi / Tateishi Drinking Alley /
Dagashiya Takahashi Shoten / Toei Danchi / Grand Cabaret Lady Town / Shimokitazawa Ekimae Food Market / The Suzunari and Suzunari Yokocho
The Suzunari, Suzunari Yokocho / Peddler / Shoeshiner on the street


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January, 2017

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