The world of beautiful ceiling paintings and ceiling decorations

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A book where you can dynamically enjoy the world’s ceiling paintings and ceiling decorations with abundant visuals.

Religious facilities (church, temple) that worship the gods of the heavens and are the foundation of worship, cultural facilities (theaters, libraries, halls) that symbolize the culture and intellect of the region, palace built as a symbol of the financial power of the royal family and powerful people Approximately 40 items are recorded in 4 chapters of religion, culture, power, and politics, such as buildings such as, conference halls and city halls that visualize the identity of the nation.
Introducing background knowledge for enjoying ceiling paintings, such as the production background of each work and the artist.

Photos showing both the big picture and details are posted, and large-scale works such as “Sistine Chapel” are dynamically posted in a double-door layout. It is a content that you can enjoy the whole and details of the ceiling painting at once without seeing the details with the naked eye.

■ Table of contents
Chapter 1 Religion
Neoniano Baptistery, Italy
Church of the Savior on the Blood (Cathedral of the Resurrection of Harristos), Russia
Sagrada Familia Church (Holy Family Atonement Church), Spain
Imam Mosque, Iran
Vatican Palace, Italy
Tokari Church (Buckle Church), Turkey
Church of San Pantalon, Italy
Debre Birhan Seracy Church, Ethiopia
Sensoji Temple, Japan

Chapter 2 Culture
Opera (Palais Garnier), France
Burgtheater, austria
Louvre Museum, France
Dali Theater Museum, Spain
Library in Strahov Monastery, Czech Republic
Stockholm metro station, Sweden
Costa Rica National Theater, Costa Rica
Uffizi Gallery, Italy
Toluca Botanical Garden, Mexico
Bellagio Hotel and Casino, USA

Chapter 3 Power
Banqueting House, United Kingdom
Alhambra, Spain
Te Palace, Italy
Badal Mahal, India
Palazzo Barberini, Italy
Topkapi Palace, Turkey
Blenheim Palace, England
Palazzo Chiericati, Italy
Royal Palace of Brussels, Belgium
Chinese style palace, Russia
Würzburg Residents, Germany

Chapter 4 Politics
Palazzo Farnese, Italy
Augsburg Town Hall, Germany
Barcelona City Hall, Spain
Old Royal Naval College (formerly Royal Naval College), United Kingdom
United Nations Office at Geneva (United Nations European Headquarters), Switzerland
Museum of the Revolution, Cuba
Palazzo Ducale, Italy
United States Capitol, USA

Release Date:
February, 2021

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Philippe Weisbecker

Born in 1942. An artist based in Paris and Barcelona. He has many activities in Japan such as advertisements and exhibitions.

He stayed at the French government’s artist-in-residence program “Villa Kujoyama” (Kyoto) for four months and drew a collection of carpentry tools “HAND TOOLS” and “Philippe Weisbecker Works” which is the culmination of his activities so far. Many publications such as “in progress”.

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