Figure Skating Life Extra – The Splendid World of Skating Costumes II

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This is the second volume of a popular series dedicated to the “costumes” that add to the beauty of figure skating.

The books introduce a variety of costumes, which are one of the devices to express the world view of the program, motivate and turn on the athletes, along with photos of their performances.
The costume collection features Daisuke Takahashi, Tatsuki Machida, and others.
In an interview with Mr. Machida, the role of “costumes” in artistic sports is discussed, as well as his own costume production secrets that are revealed for the first time.
In addition, the interview with Mr. Machida introduces the deep thoughts and perspectives of the creators and skaters who wear the costumes. This interview is full of valuable episodes that can only be heard here. The ranking of the popularity of the costumes by fans who voted for their favorites on Twitter is also presented.

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Costume Collection
Lovely~ lovely and blooming / Gorgeous~ glamorous and glamorous / Mystical~ fantastic and fantastic
Mystical~Inviting you to a fantastic world / Exotic~Exotic and charming / Elegant
Elegant: graceful and elegant world / With Impact: both impact and beauty / Folk Dance
Folk Dance Ice Dance ~ Folk Music

Online Talk Show Costumes
Kazuki Tomono & Mitsuki Sumoto
Sota Yamamoto & Taichiro Yamakuma

Rin Nitaya: “I am happy to feel “I like this season’s costume the best” every year.
Shizuko Orihara: I feel like I’m watching the growth of the athletes through their costumes
Yuka Nagai: Athletes can shine more brightly only when they have wonderful costumes
Yuna Shiraiwa: For me, costumes give me confidence and courage
Ernesto Martinez: What is important is the harmony between the wearer and the soul behind the costume
Benoit Richaud: A costume that feels like a part of your body
Kana Muramoto: Costumes that create a picture when two people stand side by side
Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara: Selection of materials and designs that suit the unique skills of the pair

Fans’ Favorite Costume Ranking

Tatsuki Machida: Costume is a stage set with the magic of transformation

Daisuke Takahashi: Costume Collection
Minako Orihara: For the moment you enter the world
Taketoshi Hara: Costumes of the one and only skater Daisuke Takahashi

Costume Collection
Carolina Kostner / Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte

* All in Japanese

Release Date:
March, 2021

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