The power of the album [enhanced version] by Masashi Asada

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A shinig record of those who tried to save many photos and albums in the disaster. Published an expanded version.

“The Power of the Album” is a book that covers the activities of people who wash the muddy photos and albums washed away by the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake and return them to their owners. It is also one of the original drafts of the movie “Asada Family!” (Director: Ryota Nakano, Starring: Kazunari Ninomiya, Satoshi Tsumabuki) scheduled to be released in 2020.

About a month after the earthquake on March 11, 2011, editor Satoshi Fujimoto and photographer Masashi Asada headed to the disaster area for volunteer activities.
What they saw there was muddy photos and people who just washed them.
The two people, who learned that these activities are occurring spontaneously in various parts of the Tohoku coast, may be able to share their photo-cleaning know-how in various parts of the country by interviewing and introducing them. They interviewed for two years.
This book is not just a record of reconstruction from the earthquake, but the irreplaceable power of the album and the figures of people who believe it and try to pass it on to the future are imprinted with genuine words and photographs.

And in this “Augmented version of the power of the album”, we are newly covering the photo cleaning activity in Mabi-cho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, which was severely damaged by the heavy rains in western Japan in 2018.
More than nine years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and how are the know-how established through trial and error in each region at that time being utilized?
Through the activities and appearances of everyone in Mabi-cho, I will once again depict the significance of the existence of photography and its relationship with people.
In addition, a manual for cleaning photos is also included with illustrations.

Release Date:
September, 2020

Author profile

Masashi Asada

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1979
2000 Graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film Graduate School
Joined Studio Fobos in 2004
2007 Independent as a photographer
Received the 34th Kimura Ihei Photo Award for the 2009 photo book “Asada Family” (published by AkaAkasha in 2008)
2010’s first large-scale solo exhibition, “Tsu Family Land Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition” held at Mie Prefectural Art Museum
2011 “Commemorative Photographs to Create Anniversary Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition” held at Musee Fukuoka Camera Museum in Toyama Prefecture
2013 Exhibited at “Roppongi Hills Mori Art Museum 10th Anniversary Exhibition LOVE Exhibition: The Shape of Love in Art”
2013-2014 Served as a member of the Mie Council for Cultural Affairs
Exhibited at 2016 Hong Kong International Photo Festival

Vigorously holding solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

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