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This book is a collection of the most popular photo essays from ANA’s in-flight magazine “TSUBASA GLOBAL WINGS” in which Abe husband and wife (husband: a photographer, wife: a writer) worked together to cover handmade bento boxes from all over Japan. This is not a bento recipe book.

It is a collection of handmade bento shown shyly by ama (women divers), fishing pond owners, somen noodle makers, high school students, monkey masters, salesmen, and university professors……. As they ate, they talked about their jobs, their families, and their childhoods, and there were as many stories of bonds as there were bento boxes.

Release Date:
April, 2010

Author profile

Satoru Abe

Born in Tokyo in 1963. After graduating from the National Tateyama Maritime School, he boarded the meteorological observation ship “Keifu Maru” for four years.
After that, he quits his job and travels to Europe on the Trans-Siberian Railway to wake up to photography.
He studied photography at Tokyo Polytechnic University, and after working as an assistant to Yoshihiro Tatsuki, he has been freelance since 1995.
He works in a wide range of fields such as people, travel, food and sports.

Satoru Abe’s books

Naomi Abe

Born in Gunma prefecture in 1970. After graduating from the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Dokkyo University, she got a job at an information service company.
After four years of working as an office worker, she worked in a magazine editorial department, music office, etc. and is now a freelance writer.
She travels all over Japan with photographer Jin Akutagawa in the quarterly newspaper “Little Haven” to convey the charm of people’s lives and the land.

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Naomi Abe, Satoru Abe


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