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The culmination of the masterpiece “Shinjuku” (winning the 2003 Mainichi Art Award)!

The definitive edition of “Shinjuku” (published in 2002) and “Shinjuku +” (published in 2006), with approximately 110 unpublished works / 150 pages added (photographed = about 5 years around 2000).
“Shinjuku: This city is the site of all my life, the intersection, and the place that captivates me” (Daido Moriyama).

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November, 2014

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Daido Moriyama

Born in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture in 1938. After working as a graphic designer, he became an assistant to photographers Takeji Iwamiya and Eikoh Hosoe, and became independent in 1964. He published the 1968 photobook “Nippon Theater Photobook” and the 1972 photobook “Goodbye Photographs”. It shook the photographic world with a radical expression that overturned the conventional wisdom of existing photography, featuring rough particles called are-bure-bokeh, a blurry screen that was out of focus, and a tilted composition with no viewfinder. The evaluation extends to the art world both inside and outside the country, and large-scale exhibitions are held all over the world.

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