Mitsuaki Iwago’s Cat Postcard Best 100

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100 postcards of cats taken by Iwago Mitsuaki all over the world.

Postcard set with carefully selected “100 best shots” in a luxurious box. The cover is a Reversil design. Each one has a comment.

“Postcards are a kind of mysterious force that connects people to each other. I feel that I can reach feelings that I can not convey by e-mail. Find one of 100 favorite pictures and it is important If you give it to someone who doesn’t like it, there will be no more joy.”-Mitsuaki Iwago

100 postcards
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June, 2017

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Mitsuaki Iwago

Mitsuaki Iwago is an animal photographer from Tokyo. Mr. Tokumitsu Iwago, whose father can be said to be the pioneer of animal photographers in Japan. The cover of the national nature magazine “National Geographic” was displayed twice.

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