I am a cat, my name is bacon by Mitsuaki Iwago

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A photo collection of “Bacon”, a leading cat who appeared in the movie “Neko to Grandpa”, which was first directed by animal photographer Mitsuaki Iwago, and attracted a great deal of attention due to his acting ability alongside other actors.

In the movie “Cat and grandfather”, there are about 80 famous scenes including the new steel photo taken by Mitsuaki Iwago after cranking up, as well as a number of famous scenes that captivated cat fans all over Japan.

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October, 2019

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Mitsuaki Iwago

Mitsuaki Iwago is an animal photographer from Tokyo. Mr. Tokumitsu Iwago, whose father can be said to be the pioneer of animal photographers in Japan. The cover of the national nature magazine “National Geographic” was displayed twice.

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