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Shinzo Maeda, a photographer who captured nature and landscapes from all over Japan from the 1970s to the 90s. In particular, the scenery of Hokkaido centered on Biei has become explosively popular with advertisements and calendars.

Shinzo Maeda first visited Biei Hill in 1971, 50 years ago. He is a collection of photographs that recaptures the landscape of the hills from a new perspective from the myriad of photographs taken over the past 20 years.

The editor and binding was done by Shinzo Maeda’s grandson, Kei Maeda, who is active as a photographer and art director. By graphically connecting the ridges of various hills, the hills are connected from page to page across seasons and times, creating a book that makes you feel like traveling with a photographer.

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May, 2021

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Shinzo Maeda

Born in Hachioji, Tokyo in 1922. After graduating from Tokyo Prefectural Weaving School and Takushoku University, he graduated from Tateyama Navy Artillery School (third preparatory student) in 1944.

He ended the war as a second lieutenant in Savan, Sumatra, and demobilized the following year. He joined Nikko Minoru Co., Ltd. in 1948 and has been working for 17 years since then. In 1967, he founded Tanki Co., Ltd. and started photography. 1974 Published his first photo book “Four Seasons of Hometown”.

Since then, he has established his own style in the field of landscape photography and has left numerous works. His representative works include “Moment of Encounter”, “Ichiki Ichikusa”, “Okumikawa”, and “Four Seasons of the Hill”.

In 1987, he opened his own photo gallery Takushinkan in Biei, Hokkaido. He received the Photographic Society of Japan Award Annual Award, Mainichi Publication Culture Award Special Award, Order of the Sacred Treasure, and Biei Town Special Achievement Award.

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