Cats and Lions by Mitsuaki Iwago

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Mitsuaki Iwago, an animal photographer active on the world stage.
Among the interview targets, cats and lions spend most of their time shooting continuously.

Cats that live in harmony with human life.
On the other hand, called the King of Beasts, a lion lives in a wild world far from humans.
Although they are the same cat family, they are different in size and life.
It looks alike but not alike. It looks alike and looks alike.
Please enjoy the mysterious world of “Cats and Lions” with 199 photos.

Release Date:
August, 2013

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Mitsuaki Iwago

Mitsuaki Iwago is an animal photographer from Tokyo. Mr. Tokumitsu Iwago, whose father can be said to be the pioneer of animal photographers in Japan. The cover of the national nature magazine “National Geographic” was displayed twice.

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