The Beautiful Illusional Scenery of Japan

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In Japan, there are still places where you can see the scenery that you have never seen before, which you can call an “unknown superb view”.

In this book, we will introduce about 70 beautiful pictures of mysterious and beautiful natural scenery that seems to be in the fantasy world.


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October, 2019

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Japan Landscape Photographers Association

It is an organization of professional photographers established on January 1, 1991 (Heisei 3). The purpose is to deepen mutual friendship among members and to raise awareness of social contribution and nature conservation. We hold photo exhibitions, various study groups, creative activities, and disseminate information on SNS such as homepages and blogs. Each member is active in a wide range of fields such as publishing photo books, publishing works in each camera magazine, creating corporate calendars by individual writers, and teaching photography for amateur groups.

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