BACON ICE CREAM by Yoshiyuki Okuyama

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Yoshiyuki Okuyama made his debut as a photographer at a young age, winning the 34th New Cosmos of Photography Excellence Award in 2011 while still a university student. This book is a collection of his photographs from his debut to the present, organized across genres from his artwork to client work.

Yoshiyuki Okuyama picks up scattered summaries of the world from any corner of the world that would normally be overlooked. Place and time are irrelevant to these, and only his truly simple, constant perspective remains in common memory.

Release Date:
January, 2016

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Yoshiyuki Okuyama

Born in Tokyo in 1991. In 2011, he won the 34th New Cosmos of Photography Excellence Award for Girl.
In 2016, he won the 47th Kodansha Publishing Culture Award Photo Award for “BACON ICE CREAM”.
His other works include “As the Call, So the Echo” and “Kimi no Sumu Machi”.
In recent years, he has also been actively involved in directing TV commercials, music videos, and movies.

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Yoshiyuki Okuyama


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