Asadake(Asada family) by Masashi Asada

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Masashi Asada was given the prestigious Kimura Ihei Photography Award in 2008 for this photobook.

Shot over a period of seven years, Asada-ke is organized into two halves; one part reads from left to right, as is standard of western books, while the other half reads right to left, typical of conventional Japanese books. In the “western” half, the family is engaged in role play and the “eastern” half, the photography is more self-referential. Where the two halves meet at the book’s center, there is a short section of texts printed on yellow paper. Here, the photographer addresses the reader, describing his body of work as “a slightly different take on commemorative photography.” Each of the scenes are a planned and staged role play involved each if the fir family members and the photography itself becomes the occasion for the family to gather, as opposed to the photography being an unplanned side-product of a family gathering or event. He also thanks the reader and explains the role of the phonebook is a token of appreciation to everyone involved in the process of making the images. Through and through, the work is warm-hearted and endearing, as any family album would be. A Q&A of twenty two questions has responses from each of the four identifying them with the salutations with which they address one another: father, moth, older brother, and younger brother(the photographer).

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February, 2019

Author profile

Masashi Asada

Born in Mie Prefecture in 1979
2000 Graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film Graduate School
Joined Studio Fobos in 2004
2007 Independent as a photographer
Received the 34th Kimura Ihei Photo Award for the 2009 photo book “Asada Family” (published by AkaAkasha in 2008)
2010’s first large-scale solo exhibition, “Tsu Family Land Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition” held at Mie Prefectural Art Museum
2011 “Commemorative Photographs to Create Anniversary Masashi Asada Photo Exhibition” held at Musee Fukuoka Camera Museum in Toyama Prefecture
2013 Exhibited at “Roppongi Hills Mori Art Museum 10th Anniversary Exhibition LOVE Exhibition: The Shape of Love in Art”
2013-2014 Served as a member of the Mie Council for Cultural Affairs
Exhibited at 2016 Hong Kong International Photo Festival

Vigorously holding solo and group exhibitions at home and abroad.

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