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A best collection of piano solos of Joe Hisaishi’s masterpieces used in movies, commercials, documentaries, etc. Arranged as faithfully as possible to the original.

Contains 46 songs.

[Listed songs]
Friends (Toyota “CROWN” “MAJESTA” commercial song)
The Wind of Life
Water Traveler (From the movie “Water Traveler ~ Samurai Kids”)
Summer (From the movie “Kikujiro no Natsu”)
KIDS RETURN (from the movie “Kids Return”)
HANA-BI (From the movie “HANA-BI”)
THE INNERS ~Harukakanaru no Kanata e~
PRINCIPLE OF LOVE Yasashisa no Megae
Gene (From NHK Special “Amazing Microcosm/Human Body III – Gene/DNA”)
Silencio de Parc Guell
Cinema Nostalgia (Opening theme for NTV “Friday Road Show”)
EVE-Piano Version (from the movie “Parasite Eve”)
Fantasia (for NAUSICAA) [Legend of the Wind] (From the movie “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind”)
Innocent [The girl who fell from the sky] (From the movie “Castle in the Sky Laputa”)
Resphoina (From the movie “Arion”)
The Wind Forest (From the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”)
My Neighbor TOTORO (From the movie “My Neighbor Totoro”)
Stand Alone with Piano (From NHK Special Drama “Sakanoue no Kumo”)
Days of no return (From the movie “Porco Rosso”)
Kiki’s Delivery Service (From the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service”)
Sunday (From NHK “Sunday Museum”)
Asian Dream Song (Nagano Paralympic Winter Games theme song)
Oriental Wind (Suntory green tea “Iemon” commercial song)
Silence ~Inner Chord and Octave Etude~ (Dunlop “VEURO” commercial song)
Dawn Flight ~Etude of intense rhythm in 5/4 time and repeated chords~
Ashitaka Sekki ~Symphony from “Princess Mononoke”~ (From the movie “Princess Mononoke”)
Ashitaka and San (from the movie “Princess Mononoke”)
To that summer (From the movie “Spirited Away”)
The Sixth Station (From the movie “Spirited Away”)
Spring (Benesse “Shinkenzemi” commercial song)
Life’s Merry-go-round (From the movie “Howl’s Moving Castle”)
Welcome to Dongmakgol (from the movie “Welcome to Dongmakgol”)
Mother of the Sea (From the movie “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”)
Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (from the movie “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea”)
Les Aventuriers
Sujini’s Theme -Piano Solo Version- (From Korean Drama “Taio Four Gods”)
Woman ~Next Stage~ (“Leilian” commercial song)
Venuses (Kanebo “Ichikami” commercial song)
Okuribito ~on record~ (from the movie “Okuribito”)
I will be (Nissan “Skyline” CM song)
Journey (Dream Flight) (From the movie “The Wind Rises”)
Heavenly Music I (from the movie “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”)

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June, 2018

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