Yume no Kakera (Fragment of Illusions. Prop Graffiti): Toho special effects movie

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This is a visual book of Showa special effects “Yume no Kakera (Fragment of Illusions) presented by restorer Tomoo Haraguchi, with Hideaki Anno, Shinji Higuchi, and Yuji Nishimura as supervisors.

This book is an excerpt of the Toho movie work from the popular serial project “Yume no Kakera (Fragment of Illusions) serialized from the special effects magazine “Spaceship” Vol.

Mr. Tomoo Haraguchi, a legend in the Japanese special effects world, restored and restored the props (models for shooting) that were actually used in Showa Toho special effects movies such as “Godzilla”, “Mothra”, and “Undersea Gunkan”.

Photographed by Mr. Fumiya Kato, who is also in charge of the cameraman for the “Kamen Rider Tokusatsu Photobook” series (published by Hobby Japan).

Real “fragments of dreams” that revives the breath of Showa special effects as it is. This visual book is a must-see for fans, with props that have never been seen before, and detailed pictures captured in ultra-beautiful photos.

-Recorded works (partial)
“Godzilla” (1984) Godzilla 84
“Godzilla vs. Megalo” Jet Jaguar Jumping Doll
“Great Monster Balan” Balan
“Undersea Warship” Gotengo
“All Monsters Attack” Moonlight SY-3
“Combined Fleet Commander Isoroku Yamamoto” Type 99 Carrier Bomber
“Planetary War” Space Defense Ship Goten and others

●Special project
Special talk with Tomoo Haraguchi and Shinji Higuchi
Yuji Nishimura’s “Toho Special Art Section Warehouse/Treasured Photo Gallery”

Release Date:
March, 2021

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