Urusei Yatsura Perfect Color Edition (1) (Shonen Sunday Comics Special)

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This book is first volume of two luxury books.  It collects all the color manuscripts of the manga text that cannot be seen in the comics.

The beautiful color pages that graced the pages of Shōnen Sunday only once before have been revived over the past 30 years in a 600-page volume using the latest printing technology.
An interview with the author, Rumiko Takahashi, is also included at the end of the book.

Release Date:
January, 2016

Author profile

Rumiko Takahashi

Born in Niigata prefecture. she is a cartoonist Since her debut in 1978 with “Katte na Yatsura”, she has been active on the front lines for more than 30 years, mainly in shonen manga magazines. In 1981, “Urusei Yatsura” won the 26th Shogakukan Manga Award in the Shonen category, and in 1987, the 18th Seiun Award in the Comic category.

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Rumiko Takahashi


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