Moyoco Anno STRIP! Portfolio 1996-2016

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Moyoco Anno, the first collection of original drawings.

Moyoco Anno has been astonishing readers by releasing various works since her debut as a manga artist in 1989. There are countless people who have seen life-sized self in Yasuno’s work, saying, “It’s like you” in the story, the strength of the picture, and the realistic depiction.

In this art book, “Happy Mania”, which was first published as a book, “Sakuran”, “Hataraki Man”, “Sugar Sugar Rune”, “Flowers and Mitsubachi”, “Jerry in the Merry Go Round”, and “Ochibisan” Includes the original drawings of “Recollection of the Gentleman under the Nose” and newly drawn works.

And, in fact, there is a sequel to “Sakuran”! The three episodes of “Chapter 2”, which was serialized only three times in the past and was stored without being published as a book, will be specially released on all pages!



Release Date:
September, 2016

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Moyoco Anno

manga artist. Born in 1971. There are works such as “Hataraki Man”, “Sakuran”, and “Happy Mania”. Received the 29th Kodansha Manga Award for “Sugar Sugar Rune”. Received the 23rd Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award for “Recollection of the Gentleman under the Nose”.

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Moyoco Anno


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