MOTHER Official Comic : Pollyanna vol.2

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This is the second official tribute comic of “MOTHER” made by more than 40 manga artists and artists who love the popular RPG “MOTHER” .

> Pollyanna vol.1 is here

Taiyo Matsumoto / Koji Kumeta / Yumi Unita / Kamentotsu / Yuki Sekikawa / Ken Koyama / Hiroshi Shihara / Kanahei / Kentaro Ueno / Takahide Totsuno / Tsubasa Fukuchi / Koji Oishi / Antonshiku / Kosei Eguchi / Hideyasu Moto / Mayumi Asai + Hiromi Nagashima / SAKAE & Saba / Murai / Isami Nakagawa / Saho Yamamoto / Katsuyu Enoya / Koji Kumeta / Jun Hanyu / conix / Isako Horoba / Rin Asano / Dr. Im / Thank you / Tomoko Fujino / Tomohiro Tatefuji / Yuta Taneda / OYSTER / Asato Mizu / Shinichiro Naruya /

[Illustrations, etc.]
A Melika / Nobuhiro Imagawa / Kei Sawada / Sebastian Masuda + Lovelies Lab. Studio / OMOCAT / Toby Fox

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Release Date:
October, 2021

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After graduating from a junior college in Fukuoka, he has been active as an assistant to Takahiro Seguchi for two and a half years. Worked as an assistant for the weekly serialization for 15 years. He is active in many fields, such as being listed in the voice actor directory under the name of MAEDAX. After becoming independent, after working as a freelance assistant, in November 2013, he launched Assistant Background Beauty School.

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