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This is an art book that looks back on Jiro Taniguchi’s achievements with original drawings. The original drawings are selected by a number of members such as Rumiko Takahashi (manga artist), Katsuya Terada (painter), Mari Yamazaki (manga artist), and Tadahiro Uesugi (illustrator).

Of course, each selection original picture is posted in large size, and each has a comment on the reason for selection.

In addition, about 10 original drawings have been selected and commented from the manga works that Baku Yumemakura, Natsuo Sekikawa, and Masayuki Kusumi, who have co-produced as the original authors, were also involved.

Appearance work name
“Blue Warrior” “Gourmet of loneliness” “The era of” Bocchan “” “The Summit of the Gods” “Keeping a dog” “Keyaki tree” “Northern samurai” “Blanca” “Walking thing” “Furari.” “Bag” “Father’s calendar” “Case shop business” “To a distant town” “NY Benkei” etc.



Release Date:
December, 2021

Author profile

Jiro Taniguchi


After working as an assistant, he won the 14th Big Comic Award Honorable Mention for “Distant Voice” in 1975. Since then, “Keeping a Dog” (37th Shogakukan Manga Award Jury Special Award, 1992), “The Age of” Bocchan “” (22nd Japan Cartoonists Association Award Excellence Award, 1993, 2nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award) Manga Award 1998), “To the Faraway Town” (3rd Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award 1999), “Father’s Calendar” (Anglaim International Manga Festival Jury Award 2001), “The Summit of the Gods” (The 5th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award, 2001) and many other awards.

In 2011, he received the Order of Chevalier, the Order of Arts and Culture of France, and worked on projects with the Louvre Museum and Louis Vuitton. In recent years, along with the TV dramas of “Solitary Gourmet” (2012), “Case Shop Business” (2013), and “Walking People” (2020), “To a Faraway Town” (Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg 2010) ), A TV drama of “Sky Clearing Up” (2017), and an animation of “Solitary Gourmet” (2021).

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