Illustrated Story: Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no kuni)- Haruko Ichikawa

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This is an illustrated guide that allows you to enjoy the world of Haruko Ichikawa’s “Land of the Lustrous” more deeply.

Detailed explanation of the ecology and culture of jewels and moon people with illustrations and sentences.
Permanently preserved version in a case with upper binding specifications.

Haruko Ichikawa handles everything from paper selection to binding and text.

* This book is a single commercialization of the upper bound book that was attached as a privilege to the 11th volume special edition of “Jewelry Country”.

Release Date:
November, 2020

Author profile

Haruko Ichikawa

After receiving the Afternoon Four Seasons Grand Prize in the summer of 2006 for his contribution “Mushi to Uta”, she made her debut with “Hoshi no Koibito”. Her first collection of works “Mushi to Uta Haruko Ichikawa Works” won the 14th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Newborn Award. Her second work, “25-ji no Vacances – Haruko Ichikawa Works 2”, was selected as the 5th place in the Manga Award 2012. In both works, she handles the design of books.

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Haruko Ichikawa


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