Drawing composition for illustrations and cartoons

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For those who want to break away from the mundane drawing of characters
Explaining with attractive example illustrations and diagrams incorporating composition!

I want to learn about the theme of “composition” that is essential for drawing attractive illustrations and manga,
Introducing basic knowledge about composition, which you will definitely teach at a vocational school.

From “What is composition” to “Tips to master composition”, “Drawing techniques”, etc.
Explains the composition method based on basic knowledge that you should know and excellent example illustrations.
You can use it as a sample book as it contains many attractive examples that incorporate the composition.

The author, who has taught at a manga vocational school for over 10 years and has taught many painters, teaches,
If you learn how to make a composition that is supported by theory, it will be a shortcut to improve your illustration.
This illustration guide is a must-have book for those who want to improve their own illustrations and are not confident in their own illustrations.

[Main contents]
■ Chapter 1 Basic knowledge of composition
What is the composition
Consider placement roughly
Screen depth and reality
Lead your gaze to the leading role
Composition using figures
Unity and change
Balance of screen size and space
Easy to take symmetry
Asymmetry points
Color effect and balance

■ Chapter 2 Character and Composition
Difference between character and object
Character emotions and poses
Contra post and S line
Posing using figures
Margins and gaps
Variations in number of people and composition
How to cut a character
Character placement and perspective

■ Chapter 3 Composition sample book
I want to have a sense of stability
I want to make the hero stand out
I want to get a sense of dynamism
I want to make an original impression … etc.



Release Date:
March, 2018

Author profile

Shinji Matsuoka

Born in Kama City, Fukuoka Prefecture. Illustrator and art teacher.
Studied in Genpei Akasegawa at the Bigakko.
Monthly manga gallo winning debut.
Won Young Comics Yasuji Tanioka Award.
Received the “Illustration” magazine and “The Choice” annual prize.
After working as Yasuji Tanioka Productions, he became independent and released illustrations mainly in the publishing and advertising industries.
Since 2004, he has been a lecturer at design vocational schools and culture schools.

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Shinji Matsuoka


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