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The masterpiece of Jiro Taniguchi, a Japanese manga artist who received the Order of French Culture Chevalier, has been recorded for the first time in all episodes and partially reproduced in color pages, and is now available as a complete version!

The following four points are the major features of this complete version.

-Published in the first B5 size. The bookbinding uses “Codex clothing” that opens firmly to the throat, and the specifications allow you to enjoy detailed drawing (color pages are also completely reproduced).

-The special edition of “Walking People” drawn in “TOKYO CITY GUIDE 2011” published by LOUIS VUITTON in 2010 is included in the first Japanese translation and the world’s first book.

-Posted the first contribution written by film director Hirokazu Koreeda about Jiro Taniguchi (newly written)

-Included as a purchase privilege, “The days when Jiro Taniguchi”, a separate reader, drew” The Walking Man “. The author “Recent Status Report” at the time of serialization and sentences that the editor in charge looks back on at that time are posted.

* All in Japanese



Release Date:
August, 2020

Author profile

Jiro Taniguchi


After working as an assistant, he won the 14th Big Comic Award Honorable Mention for “Distant Voice” in 1975. Since then, “Keeping a Dog” (37th Shogakukan Manga Award Jury Special Award, 1992), “The Age of” Bocchan “” (22nd Japan Cartoonists Association Award Excellence Award, 1993, 2nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award) Manga Award 1998), “To the Faraway Town” (3rd Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award 1999), “Father’s Calendar” (Anglaim International Manga Festival Jury Award 2001), “The Summit of the Gods” (The 5th Cultural Agency Media Arts Festival Manga Division Excellence Award, 2001) and many other awards.

In 2011, he received the Order of Chevalier, the Order of Arts and Culture of France, and worked on projects with the Louvre Museum and Louis Vuitton. In recent years, along with the TV dramas of “Solitary Gourmet” (2012), “Case Shop Business” (2013), and “Walking People” (2020), “To a Faraway Town” (Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg 2010) ), A TV drama of “Sky Clearing Up” (2017), and an animation of “Solitary Gourmet” (2021).

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