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A book that summarizes 80 years of history of Japan’s leading furniture maker “Tendo Mokko”, which has sent out masterpiece furniture that remains in the history of design.

Tendo Mokko celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2020. Introducing a number of works that have collaborated with various architects and designers such as Isamu Kenmochi, Kunio Maekawa, Kenzo Tange, and Sori Yanagi.
This book looks back on the abundant visuals of products and delivered property examples, as well as the voices of the parties involved in the production.

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August, 2021

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Tendo Mokko

It started in 1940 with the “Tendo Mokko Furniture Joinery Industry Association”, which was organized by carpenters, joinery, and joiners in the suburbs of Tendo City, Yamagata Prefecture.

By being the first in Japan to commercialize furniture made of molded plywood and working with architects and designers, he has greatly contributed to the development of living spaces in Japan.

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